Cancellation Policy – Terms & Conditions

1. Activity prices are per person and transfer prices are per trip/group/person and include 16% VAT.

2. Children prices: Babies 0 – 5 years, free | Children 6 – 11 years, 25% discount on the adult price | Adults from 12 years old. Children under 10 years old are advised to do any activity in a private group. The same situation applies to adults over 65 years old for the Mount Pico Climb and who are not used to mountaineering activities or to trails with accentuated slope; depending on the cases, Tripix Azores reserves the right to request an effort test and medical certificate to guarantee the health conditions to perform the activity.

3. Cancellations made up to 1 month in advance, 50% of the deposit or payment will be retained. Cancellations made less than 1 week in advance up to 4 days, 65% of the deposit or payment will be retained. Cancellations made within 72 hours prior to the start of the activity will be charged 80% of the amount. Cancellations made within 48 hours, No-Show or due to problems with air or sea transportation will be charged 100% of the value of the activity. Rescheduling the activity in case of a No-Show implies a new booking and therefore full payment. If cancelled due to weather conditions, an amount of 8 euros per person will be withheld from the deposit or payment for administrative costs and management of the reservation.

4. The Tripix Azores activity values are valid for bookings from January 1, 2024. Tripix Azores reserves the right to update prices by the existing inflation variation during the year 2024.

5. The reservation will be confirmed upon advance payment, but fundamentally with the sending of the personal data of each participant: first and last name, date of birth, citizen card or passport number, nationality, weight and height, telephone contact.

6. Due to the limitation of available places and load capacity defined by the competent authorities – Regional Government of the Azores / Regional Secretariat of Environment and Climate Change and the Mountain House (200 people simultaneously and 320 people in a 24 hours period), during the high season and the months of June to September, after the confirmation of the activity and made the reservation in the Mountain House by Tripix Azores, to guarantee the places of the participants, in case the activity is cancelled due to the meteorological conditions, we inform you that we cannot guarantee a new reservation in the days before or after the day of the activity due to this limitation imposed by the competent authorities. We guarantee total commitment from Tripix Azores in mitigating in advance, and what is within our reach, any occurrence in which the customer is penalized. In case it is not possible to materialize a new reservation, the amount paid may be reverted in an alternative activity, being subject to availability, or if the customer wishes to request a refund it will be proceeded with the due adjustment and within a maximum of 15 working days.

7. Tripix Azores reserves the right to cancel the activities without prior notice due to weather conditions that endanger the safety and well-being of the participants, as well as the quality of the activity performed, or even for reasons of force majeure. In this case we may suggest an alternative date or activity, subject to availability, or if the customer wishes to proceed with a refund with the necessary adjustments, within a maximum of 15 working days.

8. Tripix Azores informs that it is the customer’s responsibility to respect the shared information of each activity and in the informative PDF for the Mount Pico Climb, particularly the presence and good condition of the equipment to perform the Mountain activity, namely warm and waterproof equipment, food and the condition of the hiking or mountain boots. Participation in the

activity may be denied if it is considered that the shared information has not been respected and the absence of mandatory equipment for the Mountain or the shoes are not in condition. For this specific case, we advise you not to use old equipment or equipment in a state of degradation.

9. To participate in the Mount Pico Climb, the participant must have a good physical condition, motor coordination and preferably have experience in trails with accentuated slope, as well as activities like Bike, Hike, Cave and SUP which are recommended for active people and with good physical preparation. For the SUP activity it is mandatory that the participant knows how to swim, and for the Cave activity, the participant must not suffer from claustrophobia. For all these activities, it is imperative to advise Tripix Azores, before confirming the booking, if the participant or any of the participants of the group have any physical restrictions or recent surgeries, especially in the lower limbs like knees and articulations, fear of heights, mental restrictions, heart problems, asthma problems or respiratory sensitivity, diabetes, pregnancy or other type of health limitations, and they must not have made a dive 24 hours before the ascent. The omission of any information detailed above is the entire responsibility of the participant and Tripix Azores reserves the right not to accept participation in the activity without any compensation of the amount paid, nor is responsible for the assistance to any problem that may occur during or after the ascent.

10. Participants with a sedentary lifestyle will not be allowed to participate in the Mount Pico Climb activity, as well as other physical activities. For adults over 65 years old and who are not used to practicing physical activity, Tripix Azores reserves the right to request a physical effort test and respective medical certificate that guarantees the health conditions to perform the mountaineering activity, as well as other activities of physical nature. For any situation, we always suggest a previous physical and mental preparation.

11. To participate in the Mount Pico Climb it is imperative that each participant respects the instructions of the necessary equipment in the informative PDF sent after completing the reservation. The use of hiking or mountain boots is mandatory and essential to make the climb. If the participant does not respect this requirement and does not have the mandatory equipment, 100% of the activity will be charged.

12. After 30 minutes of ascent, if it is verified that the participant does not have the physical preparation and motor coordination necessary and fundamental to complete the activity safely and in time, it will be the guide’s decision to exclude the participant(s) from the group to ensure the participant(s) safety, and physical and mental well-being, not harming the context of an activity with characteristics of steep slopes. In this case, 80% of the value of the activity will be charged. In case of withdrawal at any other time, the full amount of the activity will be charged.

13. The meeting point for the Mount Pico Climb is directly at the Mountain House. Upon prior request, availability, and an extra charge, it is possible to organize the transfer departing from the town of Madalena, at the Tripix store (establishment located in front of the Madalena Ferry Terminal) at a time to be arranged. In Private Climbs the Transfers up to 8 participants are included with departure and return from the Tripix store to the Mountain House.

14. The activity schedule listed on our website are purely indicative, as they vary according to the time of year and other factors outside Tripix Azores, such as the weather, sea and/or air transportation schedules, government restrictions, etc. The time and meeting point for activities will always be confirmed no later than the day before each activity.

15. The meeting point for the Tours and other activities is in the village of Madalena, in the Tripix store (establishment located in front of Madalena’s Ferry Terminal) at a time to be arranged. The exception are the Tours of Faial or São Jorge where the meeting point is in the respective Passenger Ferry Terminal of Horta or Velas or in the accommodations upon previous request and subject to availability. We remind you that sea transportation tickets for Faial or São Jorge Tours are not included.

16. When the reservation is paid for and confirmed, the custo- mer is aware of and accepts the Terms and Conditions of our Cancellation Policy.