First thing you should know: we are not fans of traditional tours… what we want is to take you in an unforgettable day full of fun though our favorite unspoiled spots, that only locals know.

Also inviting you to a rich lunch with local & fresh ingredients and in the end, you probably will feel like an Azorean, living all the authentic experiences deeply involved with the nature and culture of Azores.



Pico Day Tour

One day with Vulcanos, Whaling & Wine culture UNESCO Heritage and the most rocky cost of the Azores.

We propose to you a full day of spectacular views and experiences, suitable for the ones that only want to have a look around and for the ones who desire to know all about our culture & nature, always in a fun and relaxed way.


Maximum 8 person
Price 90€ per person
9 30 am - 5 30 pm
Duration 8 h
Vineyard Culture
Whaling Tradition
Natural pools
Mountain views
Hidden places
Guide & Transport
Lunch at restaurant
Museum entry
Tasting Verdelho
Pics of the day

Wine Tour

Are you a Wine Lover ? So this is your tour !

We will guide you through the aroma, color and taste of the famous Wines of Pico.

Join us in this journey to the past walking through villages and vineyards all made with volcano stones, so impressive that are now a days UNESCO Heritage Site.



Maximum 8 person
105€ per person
9 30 am - 6 pm
Duration 8 h 30
UNESCO Word Heritage
Pico Wine Culture
Wine, cheese & fire water
Wineries visit
Guide & Transport
Lunch at restaurant
Wine Tastings
Interpretation Center
Wine Museum
Pics of the day

Secret Lagoons & Lava Caves Tour

Put your helmet on, dress your orange overall and turn on your torch cause we are going to a unique underground adventure inside the lava tunnels of Pico almost unexplored.

And to make the day even more exciting, we will get the 4WD to explore the volcanos and lagoons of the central Plateau of Pico Island.

Maximum 6 person
Price 110€ per person
9 30 am - 6 pm
Duration 8 h 30
Jeep Tour
Natural Park Area
Unknwon Caves
RAMSAR sites

Guide & Transport
Helmets & Flashlights
Lunch at local restaurant
Gruta das Torres
Pics of the day

Faial Day Tour

Get involved with the Capelinhos Volcano, the most recent volcano of the Azores and its Interpretation Centre, visit the Caldeira ornamented by pastures and hydrangeas, and finish the day in style, walking through the Horta Marina where so many navigators and adventurous make it and Peter’s Café Sport their shelter and exchange of experiences, enjoying the magnificent view of the Pico Island.

Max 8 Pax
90 € per person
Group discount
Full Day
9 30 am - 6 pm
Duration 8 h 30
Capelinhos Volcano
Horta Marina
Hidden places
Guide & Transport
Lunch at local restaurant
Interpretation Center
of Capelinhos

São Jorge Day Tour

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the “Fajãs” that characterize the coast of the “Dragon Island”, taste the famous São Jorge cheese after the interesting visit to the Cheese Factory and learn about the genesis and history of this fabulous island whose inhabitants will be happy to receive you in an intense day of emotions and rare natural beauty.

Max 8 Pax
110 € per person
Group Discount
9 am - 6 pm
Duration 9 h
São Jorge Cheese
Cliffy Landscapes
Coffee plantation
Guide & Transport
Lunch at restaurant
Cheese Factory
entry & taste

Caving Tour

Put your helmet on and join the tribe for this  underground adventure inside the lava tunnels of Pico almost unexplored.

For thus tour we will use helmets, overalls, and torch, cause we will not only walk, but also crawl into some of the hundreds caves below the Island of Pico, meeting the unique lava formations and bacteria’s during a path of black basalts.

Maximum 6 person
65€ per person
9 30am - 1 30pm
2pm - 6pm
4 hours
Lava Tunnels
Cave Gear: